Consultants, Coaches and Trainers

with vast experience in People and Organizational Development projects in major national and multinational companies.


focus inside is a network of professionals specialized in Organizational Human Resource Development with a clear vocation: Partnering with Organizations and their People to help capitalise and enhance the strengths already present within.

In focus inside we believe that the human factor is crucial in order to successfully tackle market challenges. Our approach consists of enhancing the individuals’ strengths and increasing their engagement, as we understand that capitalising on this is one of the key aspects for an Organization to gain a competitive edge.

Within this framework, we believe that the attitude factor is the most important for project success.


Partnering with Organizations and their People to help them reach their goals through 2 lines of work:

Developing the professionals’ competencies, especially from an attitude and ability point of view.

Improving the organizational environment, ensuring that the contribution is significant and long-lasting.



which allows us to adapt our programs to each and every  group of People and Organization.


which guides the creation of simple and practical solutions that are easily transferable to the workplace.


which positions us as an ally of the Organization, using a constructive, coordinated and collaborative approach.


which leads our projects towards innovative and “out of the box” solutions.


As part of its commitment to society, focus inside redistributes 2% of income from each project to an organization that has a social function, to be chosen from the following 3 or any other that the client may prefer.

NGO founded in 1981 whose purpose is to eradicate poverty, injustice and hunger in the world. It is present in 22 countries and its primary mission is to promote the development of children, families and communities.

NGO that works to change the world and make it a place of greater justice, solidarity and peace. It is present in 46 countries worldwide, with initiatives covering development, fair trade, emergencies etc.

​Catholic NGO promoting development through volunteers who, since 1960 have been fighting against poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, lack of education, underdevelopment and its causes.